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What does a Northern Lights Maintenance Program include?

Professional Maintenance is a routine trouble-free program designed to eliminate premature damage and extend the life of the roof. 

Roof maintenance doesn’t just include the roof surface. Solar panels, coatings, and skylights require regular maintenance in order for them to continue being trouble-free. Regular recommendations include:

  • Debris removal
  • Clear drains for proper water flow
  • Caulk terminations and pipe seals as needed
  • Repair roof surface defects, water-entry points and damage
  • Upgrade or add safety accessories to remain OSHA compliant.

Do I need to have a roof installed by us to
start a Maintenance Program?

No, we work with many different roofing manufacturers and offer Preventative Maintenance Programs for almost every commercial roof. We do recommend calling the original contractor for any stipulations regarding existing warranties. 

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